James Flood

Making Dementia Care a Career of Choice for Millennials and Non-Clinicians


James is a millennial, trained in the liberal arts, with a background as a musician. He has worked in a number of roles with HammondCare, including policy development, Quality, Safety and Risk, and management of a dementia-specific aged care home, The Meadows.


Engaging millennials is crucial to addressing workforce challenges in the aged care sector. The ‘smashed-avo’ generation are often stereotyped as unreliable and inconsistent. However, many long for work that makes a difference and provides job security. This presents an opportunity for organisations to make dementia care a career of choice for millennials. The need to engage millennials is exacerbated by the ever-changing landscape of aged care and demands for innovation. Employers need to think outside the box to develop a workforce that meets these challenges. Leaders in dementia care should not only be Registered Nurses, rather a truly multi-disciplinary team will draw from the liberal arts, business, science, and a range of other backgrounds. This presentation will uncover the opportunity for employers to engage millennials in the aged care sector. Acknowledging the challenges of workforce development, a roadmap will be laid out to attract millennials and non-clinicians to dementia care. Hear first-hand from millennials about their involvement with aged care and why they think it is a richly rewarding career path.

Watch James' video abstract

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