Jason Burton

We Are The Champions - Transforming Dementia Practice through a Dementia Change Champions Program


Jason Burton originally trained as a Mental Health Nurse in the UK. He has specialised in working with people with dementia for nearly 30 years, both in the U.K. and in Australia. After immigrating to Australia, Jason took up a position with Alzheimer’s WA and in his role as Head of Dementia Practice and Innovation he leads the organisations focus on developing innovative dementia care philosophy and practice, research and establishing evidence based services and emerging sector partnerships.Jason has a strong background in developing contemporary enabling environments for people with dementia through dementia design and implementing person centred approaches


For many years there has been a recognition that dementia education and skills training was only effective if the organisation or care environment supported implementation of new ideas or new ways of working. A disconnect between what staff learnt at training and their ability to apply it back in the workplace has meant that, some 30 years since Kitwood's early work on person centred care, we still have many task focussed institutional care practices, paradigms and cultures.In partnership with the WA Government, Alzheimer’s WA has developed a Dementia Change Champion program to address this disconnect by developing dementia specialist practice leaders and change agents in dementia care. The Champions become the driver of practice change and the organisations go to resource for information and dementia development. To date over 100 Champions have graduated in 30 aged care organisations and 10 hospitals making this the largest program of its type in Australia. This presentation will explain the Champions development pathway, share a recent independent research study of the programs outcomes and describe examples of how the Champions are changing practice in their services.

Watch Jason's video abstract

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