Design - in the Age of Outrage

Hosting over 1,200 delegates, HammondCare’s biannual conference attracts a diverse group of providers, clinicians, developers, manufacturers and design professionals. Featuring renowned local and international speakers, the conference provides unrivalled networking opportunities for established practitioners as well as those wanting to diversify into designing for older people. 

While design has rightly always been on the agenda, this year at ‘Care in the Age of Outrage’ we have a dedicated design stream curated by Simon Thorne and Liz Fuggle, unpacking what’s new and what’s needed in the complex world of aged care. A unique chance to reflect, debate and learn about this growing market with other professionals and people at the coal face of care in an interactive group.

Be part of the conversation 

We would love to see and showcase examples of good practice, research and innovation and are delighted to invite posters and abstracts for oral presentations on the following topics:  

  1. Firmness, Commodity, Delight’ – Writing near the end of the first century BC Roman architect Vitruvius defined these essential components of successful architecture. Firmness and commodity abound, but where is the delight in aged care architecture? How do we bring beauty back? Could this be the antidote to outrage? What can we learn from outside the aged care sector about delightful spaces?  
  2. I heart technology. What are the ways that technology is being used in aged care? What are the opportunities and risks new technology presents? How can we innovate to improve quality of life?
  3. Dementia in the City. What does it mean to have dementia in an urban environment? How does coming from high rise culture influence what is domestic and familiar in an aged care setting? How do we achieve good outdoor space in high rise situations? Is ‘high-rise’ inherently bad news for people with dementia? How are communities built and maintained in an ageing and dispersing society? How do we plan well for growing old in the city?
  4. The Hearing environment. How do acoustics impact the person living with dementia? How do we understand noise in design? What is the true cost of noise in aged care? 
  5. Product focus. What are the key principles around good product design for people living with dementia? Why do objects hold meaning? How do we specify products well for older people? 

View details on submitting an abstract for an oral or poster submission.

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