Change is in the air; supporting childhood dementia, dementia doulas and new technology

    Day 2  |  CONCURRENT STREAM C  |  2pm - 3.30pm*  
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    Ineka Whiteman

    Dr Ineka Whiteman
    Batten Disease Support and Research Association, AUS

    Dr Ineka Whiteman is the Head of Research and Medical Affairs at BDSRA Australia, a not-for-profit organisation providing family support, education and research funding for Batten disease, one of the most common childhood dementias.

    Megan Donnell

    Megan Donnell
    Childhood Dementia Initiative, AUS

    Megan Donnell is the founder and CEO of the Childhood Dementia Initiative. She is the mother of two children who have childhood dementia caused by Sanfilippo Syndrome.

    Suzanne Nevin

    Suzanne Nevin
    University of New South Wales, AUS

    Suzanne Nevin currently works as a researcher investigating the psychosocial impacts of paediatric neuro-genetic disease at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

    Hisayuki Shimoyama

    Professor Hisayuki Shimoyama
    DOHO University, JPN

    Prof Hisayuki Shimoyama is a Professor at DOHO University in Japan. Majoring in Sociology, Prof Shimoyama's research field examines long-term care facilities.

    Atsushi Ushida

    Associate Professor Atsushi Ushida
    DOHO University, JPN

    A/Prof Atsushi Ushida is an Associate Professor at DOHO University in Japan. His major is care and welfare.

    Akiyo Itoh

    Associate Professor Akiyo Itoh
    DOHO University, JPN

    A/Prof Akiyo Itoh is an Associate Professor at DOHO University in Japan. Her major is nursing care.

    Wendy Hall

    Wendy Hall
    Dementia Doulas International, AUS

    Wendy Hall has worked in health and aged care for over 25 years. She is the Director and founder of Dementia Doulas International and author of Dementia can’t take everything! and The Dementia Doula.

    Mustafa Atee

    Dr Mustafa Atee
    HammondCare, AUS

    Dr Mustafa Atee is a Research and Practice Lead (Team Leader) at The Dementia Centre/HammondCare. His PhD led to the development, validation, implementation and commercialisation of PainChek®, an artificial intelligence-powered pain assessment medical device for people living with dementia.