Partnering for the better: University of Sydney

    Day 1  |  CONCURRENT STREAM E  |  1.45pm - 3.15pm*
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    In 2022 HammondCare entered into a partnership with the University of Sydney to encourage ongoing collaboration in educating the future workforce, and developing and conducting high-quality research that will improve care and quality of life for the vulnerable people in our community.

    In this session University of Sydney researchers will bring some exciting insights into their research to create positive outcomes for people with dementia.

    • Professor Yun-Hee Jeon will speak on what is known about dementia rehabilitation interventions, key steps WHO and experts in the field have undertaken to develop the Package of Interventions (PIR), as well as examples of the interventions recommended in this soon to be released PIR.
    • Dr Mouna Sawan will speak about the findings of her team's cross-sectional survey study to evaluate how hospital staff provide medication management guidance to carers of people with dementia; and opportunities to improve guidance for people with dementia, to ensure appropriate use and management of medications at hospital discharge.
    • Drawing on the work of the University of Sydney’s CogSleep Centre of Research Excellence, and the latest international findings, Professor Sharon Naismith will cover our current understanding of the various forms of sleep disturbance across the stages and different types of dementia, as well as its key functions in healthy brain ageing. She will also present ways to assess for sleep disturbance in the clinic and in aged care and will summarise the evidence for various forms of treatments. 
    • Professor Simon Lewis' presentation on Dementia with Lewy Bodies will cover a practical approach to diagnosis and management, and touch on some of the research avenues that are being pursued to help advance our understanding of this condition, and the development of future disease-modifying therapies that could be implemented before the onset of cognitive decline.
    A/Prof Steve Macfarlane
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    *Please note that session timings may be subject to change.


    Mouna Sawan

    Dr Mouna Sawan
    University of Sydney, AUS

    Dr Mouna Sawan is a registered accredited pharmacist and researcher with a passion for improving the care of older people. The focus of her research career has been to improve the appropriateness of medication use and clinical outcomes in older people across healthcare settings.

    Simon Lewis

    Professor Simon Lewis
    University of Sydney, AUS

    Prof Simon Lewis is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Sydney and an NHMRC Leadership Fellow. He is the Clinical Director of the Ageing Brain Clinic and Director of the Parkinson's Disease Research Clinic at the Brain and Mind Centre. 

    Yun-Hee Jeon

    Professor Yun-Hee Jeon
    University of Sydney, AUS

    Prof Yun-Hee Jeon has held the inaugural Susan and Isaac Wakil Healthy Ageing Chair at the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health since 2017. Prior to this position she was Professor of Chronic Disease and Ageing at the University. 

    Sharon Naismith

    Professor Sharon Naismith
    University of Sydney, AUS

    Prof Sharon Naismith is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, NHMRC Dementia Leadership Fellow and holds the Leonard P Ullman Chair in Psychology at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.