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The MEDicines and DEMentia (MEDDEM) Research Network

The MEDicines and DEMentia (MEDDEM) Research Network

From University of South Australia
About The MEDicines and DEMentia (MEDDEM) Research Network

People living with dementia represent a diverse adult health population as they have multiple medical conditions and come from all socio-cultural backgrounds. Most people living with dementia take multiple medicines. Medicines can improve health and wellbeing, but all medicines have the potential to cause side effects. Currently, there is limited direct evidence on the benefits and harms of medicine use in people living with dementia, particularly those with multiple medical conditions. Research is being conducted across Australia to address these knowledge gaps. In the past, health research questions have been led by drug companies or researchers, with little involvement of clinicians and consumers. The MEDDEM research network is currently working to address this problem.
We want to know which questions are important to people with dementia and their care team, to prioritise research in these areas. This way the outcomes of research are directly relevant to the care of people living with dementia. This will lead to improving how medicines are used, which will improve health outcomes in people living with dementia.
Specifically, we want to identify the top 10 unanswered quality use of medicines questions for people living with dementia. These questions will be generated and prioritised by Australians living with dementia, carers, and health care providers (clinicians).

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