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Design showcase, sponsored by Total Construction

Presentation Overview
Chaired by Angela Raguz, General Manager Residential Services HammondCare

21 years ago Judd, Marshall and Phippen published ‘Design for Dementia'. So why are we still asking ourselves about buildings and adaptations that don’t work for people with dementia? If this were any other group of people would the debates about dementia friendly communities and services still be taking place? While the economic argument for smaller domestic environments is known, why is this not informing the future investments being made in aged care? What about the impact of the current pandemic? This and many other issues of dementia design will be considered by our international panel of experts from the UK, Australia and Japan (via the USA). They will provide a wealth of perspectives and expertise as they debate the merit and opportunities through our showcase of designs being demonstrated at IDC2020.  
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#International Dementia Conference
International Dementia Conference
#International Dementia Conference

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