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From clinic to community: An innovative model of collaborative care for those with language-led dementia

Presentation Overview
Language-led dementias are incredibly isolating! Individuals with these complex conditions can learn strategies to maximise success in conversation. Carers can also employ learned strategies to facilitate success in communication. For people with dementia, this leads to increased feelings of well-being and self-esteem and for caregivers, reduction of burden and stress. In this presentation we will describe an intervention group that commenced at the Uniting War Memorial Primary Progressive Aphasia Clinic, led by a speech pathologist, which then evolved to a consumer led group in the community. We will explain the way in which the consumers applied the skills they learned in the clinic-based group and incorporated them into a sustainable and innovative community-based group. We will describe the experiences of participants and the benefits derived from both formats. This presentation demonstrates the advantages of consumers and health care professionals collaborating to develop a new model involving clinical treatment, (communication groups) and an innovative client-led coffee group for people with language-led dementias and their carers. Using everything they learned in the clinic, combined with their own unique skills, the group is fostering authentic communication and building a network of friendship and support. 


International Dementia Conference
2018 Highlights
ePoster Submission