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Reframing Dementia: a catalyst for change in quality of care.

The outrage about the way people living with dementia, who are our most vulnerable, alienated and disempowered members of our communities are being treated, is completely warranted. Notwithstanding, violations of their Rights and personal dignity, and the reported level of abuse, reflects a culture often bereft of compassion, understanding and social consciousness. John Quinn asserts that any real change in the way people with dementia are viewed and cared for will require a paradigm shift: a reframing of the image of dementia to precipitate a catalyst for change. The United Nations recognises access to the Charter of Rights of Persons with Disability for those with dementia. This has implications for Regulations and also Policy development about social and clinical care practices. Significant changes in the way dementia is viewed will transform the current landscape and provide the framework for cultural change and impact on the Quality of Life and care provided to people diagnosed with dementia. John will align this narrative with the current Aged Care Quality Standards and the Royal Commission's Interim Report whilst reflecting on what quality dementia care should look and feel like for him and others living with dementia.
#International Dementia Conference
International Dementia Conference
#International Dementia Conference
2018 Highlights

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