Care in the age of outrage

Are we able to care in an age of outrage? Will fear or collaboration drive the culture and future of aged care? These are central considerations of our International Dementia Conference taking place on 11-12th June 2020.

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    Early bird tickets will be available for purchase from 6 January 2020. Are we able to ... Read more
  • What's nursing got to do with aged care?

    Considerable debate has taken place about the form and function of “nursing” in dementia and ... Read more



Professor Craig Ritchie

Prof Ritchie is the Professor of Psychiatry of Ageing at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Edinburgh Dementia Prevention


Professor June Andrews

Professor June Andrews is an authoritative dementia expert with a focus on improving the public understanding of dementia.


Dr Stephen Judd

Dr Stephen Judd has more than 25 years’ experience in the health care and information technology industries.


Mary Jane Grant

Mary Jane 'MJ' Grant is a native user of American Sign Language (ASL) and grew up with a passion for connecting with others through skillful, nuanced communication.


Lenny White

The Barber Helping Men with Dementia


Emi Kiyota

Emi Kiyota is the founder and director of Ibasho, an organization that facilitates the co-creation with elders of socially integrated, sustainable communities that value their elders.


Professor Susan Kurrle


Long-term Huntington's disease care centres


David Hughes

David is currently a Director of Townscape Design Initiatives – a small company providing specific townscape design advice in the architectural field based in Sevenoaks in Kent.


Tully Smyth

Tully Smyth is a reality TV star and media personality. 


Associate Professor Stephen Macfarlane


Stephen Macfarlane is Head of Clinical Services for Dementia Support Australia (DSA).


Angela Raguz

Angela Raguz is General Manager of Residential Care, HammondCare.


Monique Wijnties

Monique Wijnties is an expert in healthcare, housing and welfare in The Netherlands. 

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