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Privacy Policy

Data processing consent

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data you provide us for the International Dementia Conference 2024.

The following statements illustrate your consent for The Dementia Centre to process your personal data that you have provided voluntarily to us. It also describes how your data may be used and how long we will store it, so you are fully informed prior to you submitting your personal information for this event.

Why are we processing your personal data?

We ask for your personal data to best facilitate your involvement in the International Dementia Conference 2024. Personal data is all personal data held by The Dementia Centre at the date of the Data Processing Consent or received afterwards. The Dementia Centre is only to process the Personal data received from you:

  1. For the purposes of best facilitating your involvement in the event International Dementia Conference 2024; and,
  2. To the extent and in such a manner as is necessary for those purposes.

Will third parties have access to your data?

Your data will be shared with other organisations and third parties only with respect to this specific event, in order to best facilitate your involvement. These may include, but not limited to, our venue for this event, our exhibitors, and suppliers or service providers. We require all third parties we contract with to only process personal data in line with our instructions and to have adequate safeguards and measures in place to ensure the safety of personal data shared with them.

Please scroll down to current, planned and historic distributions of personal data to view our full list of current, planned and historic distributions of personal data for the facilitation of the International Dementia Conference 2024.

Registrants are encouraged to review this list regularly as additional venues, exhibitors, suppliers or service providers may be contracted and supplied personal data beyond what is anticipated in this list, according to the changing needs of the event. Please contact our Data Controller Contact at any point if you have any questions or concerns.

How long will we store your personal data?

Your personal data will be retained and disposed of in line with our retention policy. Your personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary to be able to carry out the services it was collected for, unless we have a legal obligation and are required to retain personal data for longer.

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy for more information on how your data is used by The Dementia Centre.

Your consent

By clicking the check box to ‘I have read and understood Privacy Notice and Data Processing Consent’, I, as the Data Subject/Customer, hereby consent to the processing of the personal data that I have provided and declare my agreement with the data protection regulations in the data privacy statement below. I acknowledge that the personal data which relate to my person represent the so-called personal data within the meaning of GDPR. I understand that "personal data" means all such "personal data", as defined in Article 4 of the GDPR and any successor legislation in the United Kingdom to the GDPR, as is, or is to be, processed by The Dementia Centre on behalf of you (or ‘the Customer’ or ‘Data Subject’). I give my consent to the processing of the personal data (including, but not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, organisational and billing details) in the following ways:

  • The Dementia Centre’s marketing purposes relating to the International Dementia Conference 2024; sending information about organised events or other related activities (e.g. in the form of sent newsletters, emails etc); and,
  • The Dementia Centre shall be entitled to transfer my personal data in particular to the following recipients and categories of recipients: The Dementia Centre's suppliers, The Dementia Centre’s employees, International Dementia Conference 2024’s services providers, financial institutions for billing purposes, state authorities within the scope of fulfilling the statutory obligations prescribed by relevant legal regulations; and other parties in other contractual relationships with The Dementia Centre.

Your rights

I acknowledge that as the Data Subject, I have the right to demand The Dementia Centre for:

  1. access to (Article 15 of the GDPR);
  2. the correction and/or deletion of (Article 16 or 17 of the GDPR); and,
  3. any limitation of processing of (Article 18 of the GDPR); as well as,
  4. the right to object against the carried-out processing of (Article 21 of the GDPR);

My personal data

According to the provisions of Article 20 of the GDPR, as the Data Subject, I have the right to the portability of data relating to my person which I have provided to The Dementia Centre. As the Data Subject, I can contact The Dementia Centre’s Events Team in relation to the processing of my personal data at the email address:  conference@dementia.com.au.

If I, as the Data Subject, am of the opinion that my personal data are processed in contradiction with legal regulations, I have the right to request remedial action from The Dementia Centre. If my request is found reasonable, The Dementia Centre shall immediately remedy the defective status. This shall not prejudice my right, as the Data Subject, to file a complaint directly with the Office for Personal Data Protection or Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data by The Dementia Centre for the purposes above and for the period of time specified above. I acknowledge that The Dementia Centre shall archive this consent for the purpose of fulfilling The Dementia Centre’s statutory obligation to be able to demonstrate that my consent to the processing has been given. For more information on your rights, please see ‘Your rights as an individual’.

The Dementia Centre Privacy Statement and Intent

Headline statement

The Dementia Centre will ensure that any processing of personal data we undertake in the course of our business is secure, lawful and in compliance with the EU General Data Protective Regulation ("GDPR") and UK Data Protection Act 2018 ("DPA 2018") that came into force May 2018. To ensure we are compliant, we have engaged professional advisors to review and refine our processes.


to protecting the privacy of individuals whose information is in our custody. We are very aware of the sensitivity of some of the information that we process by virtue of the services we provide and take the security of personal data very seriously. We understand that privacy is not just an essential part of what we do, but also a core concern for all businesses dealing with personal information. The Dementia Centre's global policy is to comply with local laws that apply to our business related to the use of personal data and to ensure that we meet the applicable standards set out in such laws. We have taken professional advice and are establishing an overarching business strategy that is designed to allow every part of our business to understand the scope of our privacy obligations in each jurisdiction we operate, the rules applicable to personal data, and the steps that need to be taken to avoid a privacy breach.

Distribution of personal data

Current, planned and historic distributions of personal data for the facilitation of the event International Dementia Conference 2024. Last updated 1 September 2022.

  1. Organisation: Events Air
    Personal information provided: Information provided at time of registering.
    Reason: In order to facilitate registration to the conference. To send delegate communications once registered.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: At own discretion. Contact The Dementia Centre’s Events Team.
  2. Organisation: Smart Event
    Personal information provided: Information provided at time of registering.
    Reason: In order to facilitate printing of name badges.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: Access to Events Air is provided during live event to facilitate the creation of name badges.
  3. Organisation: Chime by Encore
    Personal information provided: Name, email address, postcode, purchase date/time stamp, IP Address.
    Reason: In order to create log ins to the platform hosting the virtual event.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: 3 months post close of conference
  4. Organisation: eWAY
    Personal information provided: Name, email address, postcode, purchase date/time stamp, IP Address and masked/anonymised credit card information from registrants opting to pay via credit card.
    Reason: In order to accept credit card payments from registrants using a protected and Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant credit card payment gateway. Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance is the highest level of compliance available and is the same levels of data security of the biggest banks in the world.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: According to eWAY's Privacy Policy. If you wish to opt-out of paying via credit card and supplying your payment information, please elect the electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment option at the payment portal at the end of your registration.
  5. Organisation name: HubSpot
    Personal Information Provided: May include name, email address, IP address, device type
    Reason: In order to communicate with you about the conference, and any related offers or promotions. To verify your identity in order to access virtual content, if you have selected this as part of your registration.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: According to The Dementia Centre's Privacy Policy.
  6. Organisation: Verified sponsors and exhibitors of IDC
    Personal Information Provided: Name, email address, organisation
    Reason: Sponsors and exhibitors are afforded the opportunity to send information via email communication on products and services in which delegates may be interested, based on your attendance at International Dementia Conference 2024. Delegates may choose to opt in to this as part of the registration process.
    Agreed data return/deletion date: At own discretion. If you wish to opt-out of these communications you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe button.

The Dementia Centre's Code of Conduct

The Dementia Centre’s International Dementia Conference is dedicated to providing a respectful conference experience for everyone. The Dementia Centre seek constructive debate and respect from both speakers and delegates. The use of the online conference platform provides a forum for respectful debate and opinions.
The Dementia Centre’s conference team provide our language guide to inform speakers in the delivery of their presentation.

The Dementia Centre does not tolerate harassment of conference speakers, participants or our staff in any form, including through social media e.g. Twitter, Facebooks and blogs and other online media.

The Dementia Centre reserves the right to withdraw your delegate registration at any time, with a full refund should we consider you have breached our expected conduct.