Letting go bravely with love - a family's story

    In 2020, Jason van Genderen invited the world into his family home, and into his mother’s dementia journey, through the filming of what has become a feature-length documentary, Everybody’s Oma.  

    Screening for the first time at the 2022 Sydney Film Festival, Everybody’s Oma is a testament to a family’s love for their mother and grandmother - the driving force behind their unique approach to her care.  

    From creating a Coles supermarket in his living room during lockdown to a ‘dinner date’ out at a restaurant, Jason carefully takes the viewer into the heart of his family as they traverse Oma’s experience living with dementia, through laughter, tears, and most importantly, through love. Despite her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia, Jason and his family continue to build their relationship with Oma, providing her with both routine and security, so important to those living with dementia.   

    We are delighted to welcome Jason as a plenary speaker at the International Dementia Conference: Brave New World in September. Sharing the story behind the film, Jason’s talk, Letting go bravely with love, will explore the value of relationship-based care and, no doubt, bring laughter, smiles and perhaps a few tears - just as his film has done. 

    Jason will also run an intimate masterclass centred on building meaningful relationships with people, with and without dementia, through creative storytelling.  

    His personal experience will provide valuable insight into creating meaning and hope while also letting go bravely through love. 

    We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

    Learn more about Jason's story and see the full conference program here.

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