Discovering Dementia - A Podcast

Bell, Penny

  pdf Download (1.55 MB)

Effectiveness of Localized Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Program on enhancing the attitude towards dementia and job satisfaction of professional staff in Hong Kong

Chui, Kenny

  pdf Download (648 KB)

The COPE - Care of People with Dementia in their Environments - Australia Project

Day, Sally

Adult Day Services- Their impact upon the occupational participation of people with early stage dementia and their primary carers

Du Preez, Janice

  pdf Download  (64 KB)

Promoting a pain vigilant culture for people living with dementia using the COM-B Behaviour Change Wheel

Ferguson, Linda

  pdf Download (424 KB)

 Seasons of life

Fox, Lesley

  pdf Download (397 KB)

Staying Safe 'Going Out'- The experience of people with dementia and their carers

Gambier-Ross, Katie

  pdf Download (389 KB)

Dementia prevention- views, attitudes and beliefs of general practitioners and practice nurses

Godbee, Kali

Promoting Independence Through quality dementia Care at Home (PITCH)

Goh, Dr Anita

  pdf Download (792 KB)

Respite care with a twist the Going to Stay at Home program

Gresham, Meredith

  pdf Download (1017 KB)

Signage - a vital element in design for people with dementia

Gresham, Meredith

Recruit. Lead. Deliver.

Holst, Belinda

  pdf Download (518 KB)

What contributes to the premature entry of a person with dementia into residential aged care from the acute setting

Kerr, Jackie

  pdf Download (316 KB)

Benefits of the Treehouse Program at Kyneton District Health

Kirby, Kathy

Using World Cafe as an Educational Model to Improve Dementia Literacy for College and High School Students

Kuo, Dr Tsuann

pdf Download (190 KB)

Harmony in the Bush Co-design of a personalised model of care for dementia in rural residential aged care

Kuot, Dr Abraham

  pdf Download (389 KB)

Cognitive test norms and comparison between healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia.

Lavrencic, Louise

pdf Download (660 KB)

Dancing through dementia - Implementing dance therapy programs in dementia spaces

Locke, Michelle

  pdf Download (297 KB)

Questions to ask when seeking residential aged care

Macukewicz, Helen

pdf Download (557 KB)

Meeting Centre Support Program

Madani, Amal

  pdf Download (872 KB)

Remembering together- Evidence for distributed cognition in long-married elderly couples

Morris, Dr Tom

  pdf Download (445 KB)

Preventing Avoidable Hospital Admissions for People with Dementia (PAHA-D)

Panayiotou, Dr Anita

  pdf Download (495 KB)

A new online tool for dementia education- improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by dementia

Poulos, Lauren

pdf Download (557 KB)

Mapping the resident’s journey in residential aged care using transition maps

Savvas, Dr Steven

  pdf Download  (552 KB)

Educational Function of Care Contest in Dementia Care in Japan

Shimoyama, Prof Hisayuki

  pdf Download  (274 KB)

Community Conference to Increase Seniors’ Independence and Quality of Life

Takano, Maiko

  pdf Download (932 KB)

Listen to their life stories - Explore the life story book,sharing from the families of the families of dementia

Ting, ChenChia

  pdf Download (402 KB)

Shaping Attitudes- The association between the public’s prior contact and resistance to enter Residential Aged Care (RAC)

Walker, Nicole

  pdf Download (137 KB)








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